How to Link Bank Account with Aadhaar?

Modi Government has mandated to link One’s Aadhaar(unique reference number) to one’s bank account to avail social security, welfare schemes. Though Supreme Court announces it as “Non-Mandatory”, our Honourable Finance Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman instructed all the banks to seed aadhaar number with their customers data base.

So as-of-now almost 95% of the bank accounts are linked with aadhaar. Beneficiaries of aadhaar linked bank accounts receives timely LPG Subsidy, PM Kisan Yojana(if you are a farmer), covid-19 related reimbursements(If any)and PM jeevan Jyothi Bima Yojana, PM Suraksha Bima Yojana claim settlements faster.

If you are one who didn’t link aadhaar with your bank a/c, Here’s the way to link-


  1. Visit the bank branch where you have an bank a/c and request them to seed “Aadhaar”

2. Bank Officials will give you an “Application Form”

3.Fill the Form in “Block “Letters and attach a copy of duly-signed aadhaar copy(Xerox)

4.Bank Officials will cross-check with your data base (Name, Date of Birth, Address etc) and process the application further.

5. Some Banks sends SMS’s instantly that your aadhaar is seeded successfully.

Thereby, you are eligible to receive government benefits as well as welfare scheme disbursements.


If you are not interested to visit bank personally due to your busy schedules, you may opt for online linking of aadhaar. To do this, follow these simple steps-

1.Log-on to your Bank’s internet/Mobile banking portal.

2.After entering your user credentials and logging in, You may find an option in the Services Tab to link aadhaar.

3.Enter Your Aadhaar number and select the a/c number which you wish to link.

4.After selecting the a/c number click “Submit”. Bank may sent an sms that your aadhaar is linked successfully with an unique reference number.

5.That’s it. You may relax . You are now eligible to receive government subsidies here-on.

For those who didn’t link their bank a/c’s with aadhaar follow the above steps and link their a/c’s seamlessly.

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