Why Rich Getting more Richer, Poor Becoming More Poorer

We all see rich people becoming more richer; do you analyse the reason why?- The answer is simple- They invest the money what they earn and let the money works for them. Wondered!! It’s a Fact! When we noticed the life stories of rich people they invest the money rather than spending on temporary events. They focus on the long term investments. Example- Warren Buffet, Jeff Benzos invests their hard earned money in creating assets and make that money work for them.

While the Poor look for short-term needs and spend lavishly on un-necessary things;They don”t invest; rather they prefer to enjoy the moment. There are various instances on Poor People Habits.

According to Popular Writer “Robert Kiyosakhi”-

Rich buy “Assets”-which earns extra income besides to their active income.

Poor buy “Liabilities”-which makes money go out of their pockets.

This was briefly explained in his famous Book- “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which explains the behaviour of rich and poor in detail. It is a very popular book translated into more than 56 Languages. If you didn’t read it, buy it now(Available on Amazon, Flipkart etc).

Take an example of Mukesh Ambani who invests his time and money into productive assets. There are several people like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani who turns their earnings into “Real Assets”

While Poor look for short-term needs and they can’t wait for long term, they spend on liabilities(Where money goes out)rather than on creating “Assets”

This is the main reason- “why rich getting more richer, Poor becoming more poorer”. If you don’t accept this statement, watch the society carefully for few months and you will realise that it is true!!

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