Want to Know Your SBI A/C Balance Instantly; Here are the Tips

If you are a SBI customer and wanted to know your bank balance instantly; You have to register for “SBI Quick Service”. If you are unaware on registering for SBI Quick Service, we provide the procedure hereunder; Follow those Guidelines-

How to Register for SBI Quick Service?

1.Firstly, You have to use same mobile number lined with the Bank

2.After assuring that you are using same mobile number, You have to send “SMS” in the format –

REG<space> a/c number to 09223488888

3.If it is found in order, the banks confirms the status whether it is “Successful” or “Unsuccessful”

4.If you received “Unsuccessful”message; visit your branch to update your mobile number in bank records.

5.If bank prompts-“Successful” Message; You are eligible to receive Balance enquiry, Mini Statement etc over your phone.

The Format to receive your balance instantly is-

Sending SMS as“BAL” to 09223766666 or by giving a Missed Call to the said number, you will receive your a/c balance instantly on your phone.

The Format to receive Mini Statement

By giving Missed Call or sending sms- MSTMT to 09223866666

By Registering for SBI Quick Facility; you can “Block” your ATM Card in case of emergency

To Block your ATM Card– sms “BLOCK”<space>Last 4 digits of the Card Number.

These are all the facilities available on registering for SBI Quick Facility. If you didn’t registered till now, Follow these simple steps and enjoy the service!!

This service is free of cost, but the only thing you required to use this service is your mobile number should match with the bank records. If they are same, You will track your balance, block ATM Card anytime, any where round the clock.

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