Haven’t You Filed Your ITR For FY 2020-21 Till Now?Hurry! September 30 is the last date

As You all know that Government has extended the last date to file Income Tax Return(ITR)for the financial year 2020-21 from July 31st to September 30th.

Due to corona pandemic, government has taken this decision and alerted all the tax-payers to file their returns(ITR)on or before September 30.

Good News For Tax Payers

As many Tax Payers are complaining on the “Late Fee” Penalty levying even the government extends the deadline; Indian Government decided to refund the Late Fee and Interests levied during ITR Processing for FY 2020-21.

As many complaints arised on the IT Portal, Government has taken measures to rectify the issue and suggests to use the New Portal from Hereon.

“All the Penalties and Interests levied would be refunded to the concerned tax payer” announced by the Government in its official twitter a/c.

So, if you are worrying on Late Fee Penalty charges, You would be refunded back your amount shortly.

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