Motivational Words to Create Wealth

Wealth creation is not an accident!. It can be created by continuously doing investments from time-to-time. To do so, some Motivation is to be needed; Here are some Motivational Quotations-

1.If you born with poor, it’s not your fault; But you die as poor it is definitely your mistake

2.Think Big!Think New!Think ahead of the time!Think Fast! If you delay on Thinking Big; Others may grab the offer! In today’s competition “Thought” is a big asset

3.You have to take calculated risk to earn huge amount. Do remember “Not Taking Risk is a Big Risk”

4.Meeting the deadline is not good enough; instead Beating the deadline is needed

5.It is not possible to predict the future, but it is possible to “Create the Future”; so it is in your hands to create the future.

6.Don’t follow blindly the experts recommendations and suggestions. Instead listen to them, analyse on your own and if it is accepted to your logic, implement it

7.Money is not a Product. It should be created by applying your skills and ideas

8.Dream on earning money. If you can’t fulfill your dreams on your own; others will make use of you to earn money.

These are some motivational words on creating money. If you like any one of them; implement them and enjoy the fruits

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