Are You Looking For Pension Besides Life Insurance; Consider “HDFC Life Saral Pension Plan”

Are you looking for Annuity(Receiving fixed sum as Pension for the rest of your life)Here’s a good news for you!

Popular Life Insurance Provider HDFC introduced an annuity plan “HDFC Saral Pension Plan” to those who are looking for dual advantage of life insurance and pension at a time.

HDFC Saral Pension Plan Features-

1.It is a “Single” Premium Policy(One-time Payment Policy)

2.There is no need to under-go medical examination; only a single consent form stating that you are healthy is required

3.The sum assured opted by the policy holder would be paid throughout their life in installments

4.There is an option to select the tenure for annuity payments(Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Annually).Annuity will be paid as per the selected tenure

5.There is a facility to take loan on the Policy.

6.The policy holder can surrender his policy if he is found to be attacked by any disease enclosed in the policy terms and conditions

7.If the Policy Holders dies during the tenure, Purchase Price of the Policy would be Paid-Back

8.If the Policy-holder wishes to continue the benefits under the policy, he/she can opt for “Joint-Life” Policy.

If you are satisfied with the above terms and conditions and wishing to receive annuity throughout your life, consider- HDFC Saral Pension Plan

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