Role of an “Insurance Advisor”

To be an insurance agent/advisor one has to Pass IRDA Exam prescribed by “Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India

In India, there are millions of insurance agents doing their business actively from decades, They are happy to serve the customers by creating awareness on the need of the insurance

Role of an Insurance Agent/Advisor

1.They are the primary source for insurance companies to engage customers till date.

2.They act as a intermediary between the insurance provider and the customer

3.They educate their customers on need of the insurance, its importance and its advantages in detail

4.Their duties include gathering customers, completing necessary documentation and hand-over the issued life insurance certificate upon policy approval by the under-writer(who decides to issue policy or not subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance company)

5.They should be in touch 24*7 with their customers either on phone or through email; if any issue arises

6.They helps in faster claim settlement, if any of their customers deceased.

7.If there is any claim, They helps in documents submission, fill the forms and take signatures of the nominees where ever required.

8.They gives informed source on the status of the claim settlement from time-to-time

9.From Policy-issuance to claim settlement(if any)they engaged in the entire process with the insurance provider

10.They are the sole responsible for gathering “Nominee Bank details” and make the sum assured credited on-time into Nominees bank a/c

Choose your advisor if he/she fulfills all of the above requirements and be tension-free during claim submission. He/she will act on your behalf and make your claim resolved.

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