Warren Buffet Investing Principles which Every Investor Should Follow

Warren Buffet is a legendary investor who started investing at age 11. Till date, he is continuing his investments with same dedication which makes him to become “One of the Richest Persons in the World”

His Investment Principles are available in Public Domain which are followed by many aspirants till date.

Some of the Investment Principles Quoted by him are-

1.Don’t Spend what is left after saving; instead “Save First and Spend the Rest”

2.Be Fearful when all are Optimistic and be Optimistic when all are fearful

3.If you spend on unnecessary things which you don’t need today, you may have to sell your loved items in future

4.It’s always profitable to limit your expenses

5.Follow-Rule No.1- Don’t loose Money, Rule No.2- Don’t Neglect Rule No.1

6.Don’t delay your Investments

7.Don’t engage in any business which you are not aware of

8.Make your Business simple; Don’t make it too complicated

9.Don’t engage your business with bad people

10.Don’t follow the advices of the experts blindly! Listen to them, analyse on your own and take your own decision

Warren Buffet has became a Legendary investor across the World. His investment principles changed many investors attitude. If you want to be one of them, Follow his guidelines!

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