SBI alerts their Customers to Set Passwords in “Diverse” Way

India’s largest bank SBI warns their customers to protect themselves from online frauds and phishing. As Technology Grows, there are various instances that most of the Gullible people falls prey to the scammers.

So SBI warns to be “Caveat Emptor”(Let the customer be aware!). So as a part of safety measures, SBI alerts their customers to set their passwords in a unique way which would not be predictable by the scammers.

Safety Measures suggested by SBI to protect themselves from phishing and frauds

  • The Customer should set their passwords in the combination of Upper Case and Lower Case(Capitals and Small Letters)
  • The Password should contain at least 8 Characters in the form of alpha-numericals and Symbols
  • Don’t set sequence letters as in the key board of your laptop/desktop Example-ASDFG,ZXCVB etc
  • Don’t set passwords which are simple and easy to predict
  • Don’t set passwords taken from dictionaries. Example-Awesome, Angel etc
  • Don’t set passwords in the name of your siblings and family members as they are easily hacked.
  • Don’t set sequence alphabets, Numbers as passwords. Example-123456, abcde etc
  • Instead set passwords in a combination of numbers, alphabets and symbols
  • Set larger passwords rather than small passwords where larger passwords can’t be hacked by the hackers as they include all the safety parameters.

We have to protect ourselves from hackers! By following the above parameters, we can prevent ourselves from online frauds!

Be remember, Bank can set guidelines on online banking, but they are not solely responsible for online frauds; their responsibility is up to trace the transaction only; it’s in your hands to protect yourselves from hackers;. So Be aware! Set Passwords uniquely and have a safe and secure online banking experience.

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