Link Your EPF and Aadhaar on or before August 31st

Every salaried employee has EPF a/c which includes equal contribution by the employer and employee. Indian Government made it mandatory to link EPF a/c number with aadhaar on or before August 31st.

That means from september 1st, the employers contribution would not be credited if the both aadhaar and Universal Account Number(UAN)were not linked.

Previously Indian Government stated to link UAN with Aadhaar on or before 30 May,2021 but due to pandemic it has extended till august 31st.

If the employee fails to link their EPF UAN with Aadhaar, From September 1st, their epf a/c becomes in-operative and their PF contributions were not credited.

So Don’t wait for the last minute, Rush to your nearest EPFO House and submit the necessary documents; if you wish to submit physical application or if you wish to submit online, follow the guidelines in the next article of this site!

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