Bank Holidays in September 2021; as per RBI Guidelines

Do you need cash transactions in the coming september month! Hurry! According to RBI calendar there are 12 public holidays to the banks.

So if you want to do cash transactions for your basic needs, plan accordingly to the RBI Calendar. As per the notice issued by RBI, the public holidays falls under-

DateReason For Holiday
5th September 2021Sunday
8th September 2021Parkash Utsav Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji(Holiday in Punjab)
10th September 2021Ganesh Chaturthi(Vinayaka Chaviti)
11th September 20212nd Saturday
11th September 2021Nuakhai(Holiday in Odisha)
12th September 2021Sunday
16th September 2021Ramdev Jayanti(Holiday in Rajasthan)
17th September 2021Viswakarma Puja(Holiday in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan)
19th September 2021Sunday
21st September 2021Sree Narayana Guru Samadhi(Holiday in Kerala)
23rd September 2021Haryana Heroes’ Martyrdom Day(Holiday in Haryana)
25th September 20214th Saturday
28th September 2021Bhagat Singh Jayanti(Holiday in Punjab)

When we observe the above holidays list, 3 days-

  • 10th- Vinayaka Chaviti
  • 11th- Second Saturday
  • 12th- Sunday comes under 3 continuous bank holidays

So plan your bank transactions in advance noticing 6 General holidays(Saturdays and Sundays)and 6 religious holidays.

Though these days are non-working days for banks, you can still avail internet/mobile banking, ATM Transactions 24/7 subject to cash availability at the ATM Terminals.

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