SEBI Has Mandated All Demat A/C Holders To Update Their KYC On Or Before September 30th,2021

We all know that Demat a/c is needed to trade in securities market. Especially to buy shares demat a/c is mandatory. For mutual funds investments it is optional, but it is safe to hold all your portfolio details in demat a/c,

SEBI Guidelines on Demat a/c

SEBI has instructed all the demat a/c holders to update their kyc details on or before 30th september, 2021. That means, every demat a/c holder has to update their personal details like name, residential address, PAN, email, mobile number, income levels etc.

If you neglect to update the above details, your demat a/c will becomes inoperative and you no longer do financial transactions any more.

Your Demat a/c will gets operative, once you update your KYC details. So don’t neglect to provide the necessary information to your demat service provider on or before 30 September,2021. It would ensure your financial transactions continuously processed on-time.

So update your KYC as early as possible. The last date is 30 september,2021. It would be better if you done even before!

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