Mistakes To Avoid While Using Credit Cards

Now-a-days credit cards are being used by one and all. Financial institutions and banks are offering credit cards with amazing deals.

Points to remember while taking credit card

  • Be remember “Credit” Card is a due. It has to be repaid on-time; if it is delayed you have to bear interest rate up to 36-48% on the due amount
  • Take credit cards if you have regular source of income and has the capacity to repay on-time
  • Taking credit cards on the basis of banks offers would lead to debt-trap. Ensure whether you have the ability to repay or not
  • Try to repay full due amount to the service provider on-time. Otherwise you would be levied higher interest
  • While shopping be ensure that your card is swiped only once and do check whether the retailer is swiping magnetic strip of your card twice or thrice
  • Don’t reveal card number, cvv, expiry date of your card to anyone either in physical shopping or on online shopping
  • Don’t get prey to fraudsters asking for CVV, OTP over phone
  • Don’t share your card details over email and phone
  • Do Remember that Banks never asks for your personal information through phone/email. If you found any, do report to Police department and cyber cell immediately
  • Set “Dynamic Passwords” which changes for every transaction to protect yourself from fraudsters
  • If you are using same password for several months/years, do change on every 2-3 months.

So it is in our hands to protect ourselves from online frauds and not to fall under debt trap. Take credit cards only you have a regular source of income and are confident to repay on-time.

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