PNB Waives-off Service and Processing Fee on the eve of Festive Season Ahead

Are you in need of loan, but worried of service fee and processing fee levying on loan amount? Here’s a good news for you!

Government sponsored Bank- Punjab National Bank waived all the processing fees including service charges on the eve of festive season ahead. This is a very good new for loan borrowers as they can save a little-bit more.

Loan Interest Rates Offering by Punjab National Bank

  • Personal Loan starting from 8.95% Per annum
  • Housing Loan @ 6.80% Per annum
  • Car Loan @7.15% Per annum

All the loans are waived-off from processing and service fee. So, if you are in need of cash, take this opportunity to take loan from PNB as per your income levels and bank’s terms and conditions.

If you are eligible, you will definitely get loan from PNB That too with no processing fees. So Hurry!

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