You Can Get Pension Under PM-SYM; Despite Having Low Income

Are you in organised sector and are worrying on surviving in your latter years; Here’s a good news for you! PMSYM(Pradhan Mantri Shrama Yogi Man Dhan Yojana)offers guaranteed pension to the lower income group members.

Who are eligible under PM-SYM

  • He must be a resident indian
  • He must be in of age group of 18 to 40 years
  • His income must not exceed 15,000 rupees per month

If the subscriber joins in this scheme at 18 years of age , 55 rupees/month would be required to subscribe in this scheme. same weightage amount would be credited by the central government. Subscription amount increases along with age.

Special id cards are issued by the CSC providers. which to be kept safe till retirement

Benefits under PM-SYM Dhan Yojana

  • This is a voluntary retirement scheme
  • The subscriber gets equal benefits as of his contribution amount(Contributes equal weightage by the central government)
  • Gets guaranteed pension of 3000 rupees/month after attaining 60 Years
  • If the subscriber dies before 60, his/her spouse would continue the scheme
  • No income tax on the contribution and the pension amount

How to enroll?

  • The aspirant has to visit the CSC(Customer Service Point)out of 3.13 lakh csc centres
  • The list of CSC points are are available at LIC India Branches
  • The aspirant must have Jandhan account and aadhaar card to enroll in this scheme.

Premature Withdrawal Conditions-

  • If the subscriber wants to discontinue the scheme before completion of 10 years after enrollment, savings a/c interest would be given to the subscriber
  • If he decides to prematurely encash the fund after 10 years, the fund value or savings a/c interest; which ever is higher would be given.

So, if your income is below 15,000 rupees per month and want to avail 3000 rupees at your retirement enroll under this scheme Today itself!!

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