Process To Check Your IT Refund Status Online

Have you filed your Income tax(IT) Returns and waiting for the refund;if any from the Central Board of Direct Taxes(CBDT)?

Generally CBDT refunds within 10 days of ITR Filing by the subscribers, but in some cases, it may take much longer too!

From several days, there is an issue with IT Portal where many tax-payers are unable to file IT Returns. In this regard, CBDT issuance of IT Refunds has a significant role.

If you have already filed IT Returns, but unaware to search for the “Status of the IT Refunds”; Here’s the way-

  • Log-in to IT Department e-filing portal with your user credentials
  • Select “Forms/Returns” which is applicable to you
  • Go to “My Account” Tab and select “IT-Returns”
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Also click on “Acknowledgment Number” which displays all your IT Returns details and the “Status” of your IT Refunds.

In this way, You can check the Status of your IT Refunds along with your credentials.

It must be noted that IT Refunds are directly credited to the tax-payers bank a/c’s. So ensure all the bank a/c details are in correct order.

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