Following Legendary Investor’s Strategy is Ok; But Don’t Follow Them Blindly

We may seen some of the investors who follows Warren Buffet’s, Rakesh JhunJhunwala portfolios and invest accordingly! But this strategy won’t work always!

Warren Buffet’s investment portfolio is huge and he can bear the loss in case of any uncertainty arises in the market, But retail investors can’t take such risks as warren buffet does. Warren Buffet may do some research and on his view he can take a  Contrarian call to buy/sell the stock at any point of time.

Legendary investors do their own research and can enter/exit at any price point according to their investing strategies. Following their portfolios is a foolish idea. Though Media highlights their portfolio, they are flexible to enter and exit at any point of time which is not available in the public domain. Only the monthly portfolios are disclosed by the media. Media don’t highlight the entry and exit points.

So, if you are following any of the legendary investors portfolio, Quit it from today! Those calls are taken on their own research and risk appetite, it may not suit you!

So before investing in stock market, analyse your risk capability, determine the holding period you wish to invest and do your own analysis! It is your hard earned money and you are responsible for your calls in the market. Blaming stock market is not of any use, it is in your hands to decide on which sector will outperform in the coming years, how long the bullish trend will continue etc.

Following successful investors portfolio and burning one’s fingers are very common in stock market. The losers blame stock market as “Gambling” and never recommend it to others. But the reality is Stock Market is just a Number Game; identifying Winners and Losers is in our hands.

So From now-onwards do your own analysis before entering into stock market and decide on winning stock picking ideas and be a successful investor in the stock market. Following legendary investors ideas is useful to some extent, but don’t depend on the “Tips” circulated in the media houses. Act accordingly as per your research and take a definite call in right time!

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