Now You Can Avail Loan on SBI Debit Cards Too!

India’s largest bank SBI offers EMI Facility For Those who needs urgent cash and can pay the due amount in easy monthly installments(EMI).

Generally, this facility is available to credit card holders, but for a change, SBI offers EMI Facility to debit cad holders too!

How To Avail EMI Facility on SBI Debit Cards

  • To check your eligibility, send SMS to 567676 by typing as “DCEMI” from your registered mobile number
  • If you are eligible, you will get an instant message claiming that you can avail EMI Facility which is to be repaid in 6, 9,12 or 18 months period

Interest Rate Applicable to avail EMI facility on Debit Card

The interest rate applicable would be 14.70%(7.50% Interest Rate+ 2 Years MCLR Rate 7.20%)

Minimum Loan and Maximum Loan To Be Availed

Minimum Loan that can be availed is 8,000 rupees and the maximum loan that sbi debit card holder can avail is 1,00,000 rupees.

How to avail EMI on Online and Offline Methods


  • Login to Amazon or Flipkart using your registered mobile number
  • Purchase an item as you wish and click on “Make Payment”
  • Select “SBI EMI” Option under various options available in the payment gateway
  • Click on “Proceed” and select your Loan Tenure
  • You will be redirected to SBI internet banking or debit card payment gateway.
  • Enter your user credentials of SBI and if the order is accepted, you will be disclosed all the terms and conditions
  • Read all the terms and conditions and click on “Submit”

Hurray! Now you are eligible to avail EMI Facility as per the loan tenure


  • Swipe your SBI Debit Card at merchant/POS points
  • Select “Brand EMI- Bank EMI” Option
  • Select loan tenure and the amount you wish to take loan
  • Check your eligibility and after confirming that you are eligible, enter your Debit Card Pin.
  • Loan amount and the terms and conditions slips will be processed. Read them carefully and sign on them
  • The loan amount would be transferred to your savings a/c which would be repaid in easy installments as per the EMI agreement

In this way, SBI Debit Card Holders too can avail EMI facility on online and off-line transactions.

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