Now You Can Make Deposits, Investments Through Amazon Pay!

As digital payments are on track, E-commerce Giant Amazon has tied-up with to accept deposits and investments from the customers.

That means from now-onwards, amazon customers can make fixed deposits, mutual fund transactions through amazon pay in collaboration with Kuvera. The technology platform was provided by kuvera, a leading investing platform which manages 28,000 crore rupees from more than 10 Lakh Customers India wide.

Regarding this deal, amazon india director Vikas Bansal recalls- “We are happy to be collaborate with Kuvera in order to provide fair investment opportunities in India. Only 3 to 4 crore people of India’s Population are selecting appropriate investment products. Remaining section of people are still unaware of the nice investment avenues in India. So we tied-up with kuvera to provide amazing investment experience through amazon pay. Remaining details are to be announced soon”

If this deal is Ok, Amazon Pay investors can make transactions of making fixed deposits, mutual fund investments etc. Full details of utilising this services would be announced soon. Stay Tuned with for more updates!

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