IPPB Offers Home Loans Up to 50 Lakhs @6.66% Interest Rate To Salaried Employees

If you are a salaried employee and wanted to take loan from a trusted government enterprise?Currently It’s time that various financial institutions offering home loans at competitive interest rates. Now It’s the turn of the government sector IPPB(India Post Payments Bank)offering home loans @6.66% interest rate per annum to salaried employees.

India Post Payments Bank(IPPB) ties-up with LIC HFL(LIC Housing Finance Limited)to offer this scheme. The maximum loan amount that can be availed under this offer is 50 Lakhs per individual.

Already IPPB (India Post Payments Bank)has a wide network of 1,36,000 access points within 650 Branches. With this deal, IPPB has became more stronger where it’s business is going to ripe new heights in the near future!

In this deal, LIC Housing Finance looks after processing and distribution of loan disbursals while IPPB(India Post Payments Bank) acts as a mediator between the customer and LIC Housing Finance.

So, if you have a good source of income especially in the form of salary, you can avail this attractive home loan offer. It is one of the lowest interest rates(6.66%)offering on home loans.

If you are dreaming of own house in the near future, avail this golden opportunity as the home loans interest rates are at the lowest levels. So Hurry! If you are in a need of housing loan, avail loan from IPPB.

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