Know The Hidden Facts Behind Your Pan Number

Now-a-days it is mandatory to have a pan card to open bank a/c, filing Income Tax Returns etc. Almost every bank a/c holder who are doing high network transactions should comply with Pan Card!

Do you know that your Pan Number tells the status of your tax liability? Surprised! But it is fact that your Pan Number will identity the status of the tax-payer. To know the hidden facts behind your Pan Number allotment, one must know the synonyms of the Pan status.

The Synonyms of the Pan Number are as follows-

  • C means Company
  • P means individual tax payer
  • A means group of individuals or associated companies
  • B means individual groups(BOI)
  • H means Hindu undivided family(HUF)
  • G means Government agency
  • L means local Administered division
  • J means temporary law and order division
  • T means Trust
  • F means an organisation or limited partnership organisation

These are the synonyms which represents your Pan status. It is better to know the synonyms of your pan number so that you can avail the status of your tax liability, applicable category etc.

These are the hidden facts behind your Pan Number allotment. It would be better to know which category do you fall by knowing the above synonyms.

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