The Latest Update of SBI YONO App

We all know that SBI Yono app enables customers to withdraw cash from ATM’s without using debit card, easy processing of loans, check latest updates etc.

SBI has recognised unauthorised usage of Yono app from different devices which increases the cyber crime threats month-on-month. So SBI has decided to implement “Personalised usage” of yono app to protect from cyber crimes.

That means, from here onwards Yono app has to be used from the personalised mobile number registered with the bank. For this, the customer has to undergo an one-time registration from the registered mobile number.

The bank verifies your mobile number and after successful validation only, the customer can make use of Yono app. This is bring to the protection of the customers privacy where authorised transactions would be allowed hereon!

Though it is cumbersome to use Yono app in same mobile device, this prevents you from unauthorised usage and protect you from cyber threats. So don’t delay, register your mobile number with Yono app and avail protection from online frauds. Hope this message would be useful in making personalised transactions secure and safer!

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