Bank Of Baroda Offers Lowest Interest Rates On Car and Home Loans On The Eve Of The Festive Season

Banks are coming with competitive loan structure in this festive season. Almost all banks are waiving processing fee to attract their customers of which Bank Of Baroda(BOB)is one among them.

According to the latest circular released by Bank Of Baroda- “BOB has slashed interest rates by 0.25% on all housing and car loans. In addition to this, processing fee would be waived off till the end of the festive season”

With this decision, Bank Of Baroda home loan interest rates have come down to 6.75% while the car loans would slashed down to 7%.

Speaking on this deal to the media, BOB General Manager H.T.Solanki confirms that -“Bank Of Baroda(BOB)is committed to provide reliable and fair offers to the public by slashing interest rates on car and home loans during this festive season.Customers can avail lowest interest rates with this obligation and there would be no processing fee till the end of the festive season. So customers have to make use of this deal”; he added.

So if you are Bank Of Baroda customer and attracted by this offer, rush to your nearest BOB Branch and avail the deal. If you are a new customer, but wanted to take loan in Bank Of Baroda, complete your KYC Formalities by opening savings a/c and after getting satisfaction on your ability; Bank Of Baroda issues a loan up on your eligibility.

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