SBI Bonanza To Home Loan Borrowers

As we all know that SBI is the India’s largest public sector bank backed by the government support. As of now, it is one of the leading lending institutions in India.

With a view to expand its loan growth, SBI offers exclusive deals to those who have good credit history. The deals offered by SBI are-

  • SBI has slashed 40 Basis Points(100 Basis Points=1 Percent)to those who have good CIBIL Score. The interest rate applicable would be 6.70%(Earler it was 7.15%)irrespective of the loan amount.
  • Processing Fee would be waived-off on those loans
  • Till Now, Non-salaried individuals have to pay 15 basis points extra when compared to the salaried employees. This is completely waived-off now.
  • 6.70% interest rate would be applicable in case of loan transfer;if any.

With the above clauses, A home loan borrower would be benefited 8Lakhs on taking loan up to 75 Lakhs within 30 Years Tenure.

If you are interested to avail housing loan under SBI rush to your nearest branch today!

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