Difference Between Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset

Do you know why rich getting more richer, poor getting more poorer? Have you ever think about the secrets of rich people’s wealth creation?

The reason why rich becoming more richer is -Their Mindset! They earn some capital and they tend to invest that corpus in the growing assets which multiplies their wealth several folds!

When we closely observe the rich peoples attitude they never waste time and money on entertainment, unwanted activities at that moment. Instead they spend time on increasing productivity, improving their skills etc.

Poor People’s Mindset is quite opposite to the rich mindset. While rich people spend money only on necessary things which would help them increase their output in the future!For example-Rich people spend money on maids, cooks, drivers etc. When we closely observe their activities,They saved some valuable time instead they utilises that valuable time to increase output.

While Poor People spend time on chatting, meetings,festives etc. They tend to enjoy the current moment without worrying on the tomorrow’s fate. They spend whole amount today thinking that they will earn tomorrow. What about if the destiny changes?Recent Covid-19 leads poor people to suffer a lot. Even their day-to-day survival needs are affected. This is not in case of the rich people!.

Rich people are always ready to face any tough times and if they really fell into deep trouble, banks are ready to lend them based on their social and economic conditions. But can the poor people able to take loans as the rich?Even banks are not ready to give them credit! This is because of- “Living at the Moment”attitude poor people adopts.

Rich people invests in themselves to increase their productivity while Poor people makes use of the current moment as “Joyful” and struggles to survives in the future. This is the main difference between Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset. What do you want to be! Decide on yourselves!

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