Want To Open Zero Balance a/c From The Convenience Of Your Home;Consider Kotak 811 Savings a/c

Today all social welfare programs are being offered through the banks. From a daily labour to high net-worth professionals, salaried people are relying on bank a/c’s for their day-to-day needs.

Though having a bank a/c is mandatory, some people refuses to open bank a/c as it is a time-consuming process. Though it is reality in government sector banks, some private banks like Kotak Mahindra Bank offers “Zero Balance a/c”that too from the convenience of your home.Surprised! But it’s really true!

Kotak 811 Savings a/c– It is a digital savings a/c which can be opened from your home through video kyc. That means you need not submit physical copies of your identity and address proof manually; it is totally digital. It takes about 3-5 minutes to complete the KYC Formalities which enables the customers to instantly open savings a/c within minutes.

Another advantage of this Kotak 811 a/c is –

  • No minimum balance is to be maintained in the a/c at any point of time where the available balance would fetches 3.50% interest Per annum.
  • The customer is free to transfer funds any number of times through UPI, NEFT(National Electronic Funds Transfer),RTGS(Real-Time Gross Settlement System)and IMPS free of cost
  • Virtual Debit Card would be offered free of cost
  • The customer can track his transactions instantly round the clock through Kotak app.

Kotak 811 savings a/c enables the customers to do digital transactions without any hassles. As it reduces the paper-work when compared to government banks procedures, Kotak 811 is a preferred choice to everyone.

If you want to open zero balance a/c without visiting the bank branch, consider Kotak 811 savings a/c by doing video KYC from the convenience of your home/office.

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