Don’t Procrastinate! Instead Start Investing Early

Some people tend to procrastinate their investments thinking that they can invest whenever there is a salary hike.But this would not be happen at all-times! This is due to living at the moment attitude enjoying the current moments with friends, purchasing latest gadgets etc. In reality, whenever there is salary hike,lifestyle expenses also grew to that extent. This is unavoidable fact happening in all families.

Some youngsters were given a piece of advice to invest from their first pay-check, but unfortunately this would be neglected by the youth thinking that they were too young to save and invest.

But if the youngsters follows the advice of their elders to invest from their first pay-check, they would see “Magic of Compounding” which multiplies their wealth several folds. This compounding power is only visible if the investors starts early and stayed invested from the long term.

You may be surprised to see the wealth creation done when you invest at an young age. But if you procrastinate(Delay)your corpus would be reduced significantly. The difference between when you invest at 25 years of age and at the age of 35 would be in crores of rupees; this is due to the magic of compounding works in favour of you.

You may be surprised to see the wealth creation of your investments at an early age. The amount invested in the first few years of your career would multiply your wealth significantly. When you observe the corpus, the wealth created from your earlier age would be 26% of the accumulated corpus.

You need not invest huge amount from your early age. Just start with 1000 rupees sip in a good mutual fund and increase the contribution whenever your salary hikes. There won’t be any excuses in contribution increase, you should set aside 10% of your salary hike and invests in a better investment option which compounds your wealth. Generally PPF(Annually Compounded),Mutual Fund sip(Compounded monthly)would ensure better compounding returns.

So start investing at young age and let your money works for you in the latter years. The corpus accumulated would be helpful in retirement; where no loan options and income sources are not available during retirement. So don’t delay, start Investing Now!

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