From October 1st, Customers Of Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Union Bank Of India Can’t Use Their Old Cheque Books

As per our Finance Minister Mrs.Nirmala Sitharaman directives, Many smaller banks are merged into bigger banks in the last fiscal. From April 1st,2021 all the merged banks are incorporated into amalgamated banks and all the transactions are being done through prime bank only.

Even the banks are merged, some banks like Union Bank Of India(UBI)and Oriental Bank Of Commerce(OBC)gives slighter relief to their customers to use their old cheque books till September 30th.

This relief is given under considering people’s difficulties due to the corona second wave and their inability to visit bank branch due to Covid.

As these banks revises the last date several times due to Covid, don’t expect this would be extended further! Oriental Bank of Commerce(OBC) and Union Bank of India(UBI) have already informed their customers to update their old bank cheque books with the new ones either through ATM, Internet Banking or by visiting the bank branch.

Customers can choose either of the modes to get their updated cheque books and avail hassle free transactions from October 1st. Do remember already the IFSC Codes are changed and now it’s the turn of cheque books. It is in your hands to avail updated cheque books at the earliest and make use of them!

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