How To Avail All Your Mutual Fund Transactions in One Place?

We may have investments in different fund houses where it is cumbersome to get all the transactions at one place! Some investors use mycams mobile app for cams serviced funds and Kfintech app for karvy serviced funds as Kfintech and CAMS are leading Registrar and Transfer Agents in India

Even though NSDL sends Consolidated account statement(CAS)to the investors on or before 10th of every month, it updates the previous months holdings only. The investor has to visit either cams app or kfintech app to check their latest holdings.

All these problems were put to an end by SEBI to launch a common platform to view, transact and update the details through a common platform named “MF Central”.

It was launched on 24th September 2021 as a part of initiative launch and there will be amazing features going to be updated soon. As-of-now investors can view their portfolios as well as update their contact details through, but in later phases more updates are yet to be included!

How To access– As said before, it is a common platform for all mutual funds where the investor has to-

  • Sign-up with his PAN Number(Which is the user id to sign-in later-on)
  • Enter your Registered Mobile Number
  • There comes an OTP to your mobile number and enter it in the prescribed box
  • Set your preferred password of atleast one numerical, one uppercase, one lowercase and one symbol(For security reasons)
  • After setting password, the systems prompts for 5 security questions of your choice from the drop-box available.
  • Set any of the 5 security questions which would be useful in signing mfcentral later
  • That’s it! Your a/c with is created and you can sign-in anytime from here-onwards!

Do remember your passwords and security questions to sign-in further on It is 100% safe and convenient way to access latest holdings at your finger tips. You can sign-in anytime, anywhere from your convenience and avail the services!

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