If You Didn’t Plan For Your Financial Future; Start Planning From This Moment itself!

Everyone searches for reasons for not investing! Some say that they would start investing from the new calendar year; some say if their salary hikes they would start investing etc. Most of these “Promises” are ignored even their economic status improves!

This Promises of starting investing during the next year, next birthday would be definitely neglected as people search for “Excuses” rather than investing at the current moment.

While some says that – “They are waiting for the right time to invest”. Actually the right time to start investing is the “Moment you think to invest” and when “You have surplus money”. These two resolutions are to be implemented for starting investment.

There is a old saying- “The Best Time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years ago; The Next Best Time is “Now”.

There is another saying- “You are sitting in the shades of the tree now,because some one has planted the tree long ago”

These two quotations shares the importance of investing “Right Now”. If you start investing right now, you can reap the benefits in the long-term. It would be useful in your retirement .

Simply procrastinating investment for “waiting for the right time” would loose the power of compounding. You can enjoy the corpus in your latter years and if you wishes to reap the fruits of the investment to your next generation, you can do so.

So don’t delay investments. The Moment you have money and wishing to investing is the right time to start investments. Remember the old saying- The best Time to Start investing is “Now”

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