How To Shop Wisely During This Festive Season?

As India is going to celebrate Vijaya Dasami and Diwali in the coming days ahead, Many e-commerce sites are offering best deals on products. Of Them Amazon- Great Indian Festival(Starting from Oct 2nd-for prime members and Oct 3rd for non-prime members)Flipkart- Big Billion Days(Starting From Oct 3rd to Oct 10th)are prominent deals which the customers are eagerly waiting for!

Though there are huge discounts, it’s better to be in your budget limits while shopping! Know how to manage shopping wisely-Follow These Tips-

  • Prepare a list in advance before the deal date– As you may be aware of the needy items this month and in the coming months, prepare a watch list in advance. Compare the watch list items on both of the sites and book the product where you wish the price was low.

Don’t purchase the items beyond the watch list even the prices are low. Even the price range is tempting to buy, delay your want; as it is not needed as-of-now

  • Don’t Compare your shopping habits with others shopping– Some people have great earning capacity and they can purchase anything they want! They can manage to pay as their economical status permits. But not all economic status are same! If you purchase unnecessary items beyond your limit by comparing rich people’s social status with you, you will fall into debt trap. You will feel the heat once you face the liquidity crunch by purchasing expensive items which are not essential as-of-now!
  • Give Priority to Needs rather than Wants– Purchase only the needy items which are essential in your day-to-day use. Prioritise your shopping among- “Essentials, Much Needed, Less Needed and Not Needed as-of-now”

Purchase the items according to essentials, needy and less needy items and proceed to the cart. But before proceeding to pay, check how many of the cart items are needy and how many of them can be avoided?Think Twice!

  • Make use of Cash Backs, Discounts and Reward Points wisely- Almost all online shopping sites offers Cash Backs and Reward Points. After Checking your cart, verify whether there are any Cash Back offers and discounts on using your Debit cards and UPI Payments.Make use of them.

You would have some reward points on Credit Cards and you can redeem your reward points wherever necessary.

But don’t depend entirely on the cash backs, as they forced you to make repetitive purchases. Make use of cash backs only when you need them

By following the above shopping tips, you can save money a lot which is invisible at the current moment, but makes you wealthier in the future.

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