Steps To Cut Down Your Expenses Gradually

Everyone thinks to cut-down their expenses and save money for future. But due to life-style changes and growing inflation it is becoming an impossible task!

But by following some simple steps, you can gradually decrease your expenses-

  • Think Twice Before Purchasing an item– Due to heavy competition among malls, e-commerce sites, there are various offers tempting the customers to buy unnecessary items which are not needed as-of-now. Even after Purchasing the item, the customer may perhaps use the product once or twice in a year. So before purchasing an item decide on –
  • 1. How many times will i use the product?
  • 2.Will i not survive without using the product?
  • 3.Is there any cheaper alternatives rather than buying on that expensive item?
  • Set aside some money for your emergency needs rather than shopping lavishly– Before shopping, assume your future needs and the money required to fulfil that goal. Give priority to fulfil your needs by setting some emergency cash to your future goals too. Priortise your goals and do remember the goal in mind before shopping.
  • Try to make Friends similar to your attitude– Our behaviour depends on the people around you, whether it may be parents, colleagues or friends, their attitude reflects your behaviour directly or indirectly. If you make good friends, their habits and behaviour would definitely change you. Choose friends who have good attitude towards money. Definitely their behaviour would change your mind.
  • Delay your Purchase until you think that the item is “Must Needed” to you– Prioritise your purchasing power among “Must Needed”, “Needed” and “Not Needed” as-of-now! Give priority to much needed items and if you think there is surplus money left after emergency needs, then spend on “Needed” items. But never spend on least needed products as they are not essential as-of-now and can be purchased later

By following the above steps, you can gradually cut-down your expenses!

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