Attractive Saving Bank a/c’s From Axis !

As we all aware that maintaining a/c’s in private banks requires high maintenance costs. Even though they charge higher costs when compared to government run banks, private banks service is quick and responsive!

Of the few private banks who gained people’s hearts, Axis Bank would be surely one of them! To cater the needs of the normal people, Axis Bank has launched 2 Bank a/c’s with attractive Cash backs namely-

  • Prestige savings a/c
  • Liberty savings a/c.
  1. Prestige Savings a/c– In this a/c, the customer has to maintain 75,000 rupees and for the maintenance, the customer will be entitled-
  • A debit card will be given which can used at shopping terminals
  • For shopping,1% cashback would be offered for fuel, 2% on shopping and 3% on Travelling expenses
  • Flat 1% cashback would be offered on online shopping
  • 5% cashback on shopping on Flipkart and Amazon
  • 5-45% cashback would be offered through “Grab Deals” on purchase on 30+ major brands

2.Liberty Savings a/c– In this type of a/c, the customer has to maintain 25,000 rupees. For that he will be entitled-

  • 15,000 Rupees worth annual benefits
  • Virtual Debit Card will be offered as complimentary offer
  • Cashback Offers would be given under “Grab Deals”- 5% cashback on week-end shopping on food, travel and entertainment,5-45% cashback on 30+ elite brands,5% cashback on shopping on Flipkart and Amazon

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