Axis Bank ASAP Digital Savings a/c Features

Axis Bank is one of the leading private bank which offers varied savings features. Of them ASAP Savings a/c is one of them!

ASAP Savings a/c is fully digital a/c which can be opened from the comfort of your home through video KYC. By accessing online and verification of video KYC, you can open any of the below savings a/c options.

The savings a/c offered under ASAP Digital a/c are-

  • Axis Priority savings a/c
  • Prime savings a/c
  • Easy access savings a/c
  • Burgundi savings a/c
  • Prime Savings a/c– It is an exclusive savings option with added features like-
  1. Accidental insurance and Baggage coverage
  2. 250+ Banking service options
  3. Cashback up to 1% on online shopping
  • Easy Access Savings a/c– It also comes with added features like-
  1. It covers accident insurance including air and baggage insurance
  2. It offers 250+ banking services
  3. While shopping on Amazon and Flipkart 10% cashback would be given
  4. On other online sites,1% cashback would be applied
  5. On 30+ major brands 5-45% cashback would be applied through “Grab Deals”
  • Axis Priority Savings a/c– It is a prioritised a/c with-
  1. Easy access to Relationship Manager through Mobile app.
  2. Round the clock service promise
  3. You can access airport lounge access for “free”up to 8 times
  4. Discount of 50% on annual locker rent
  5. You can avail flat 15% cashback on Amazon and Flipkart
  6. Flat 45% cashback on online shopping of selected 30+ brands through “Grab Deals”
  • Burgundi Savings a/c- With Burgundi savings a/c, you can avail-
  1. Overview wealth profile statement at one glance
  2. Flat 15% cashback will be applied through “Grab Deals” if you shop on Amazon and Flipkart
  3. Discount up to 60% on annual locker rent
  4. Access to relationship manager 24*7
  5. Avail solutions to issues; if any through Toll Free Number round the clock
  6. Free Access to airport lounge
  7. Avail discounts on Movie Tickets through “Book My Show”

These are the exclusive savings a/c offered by Axis bank. If you want to avail anyone of the above service options, contact your nearest Axis Bank Today!

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