Axis Focused 25 Fund Review

Axis Focused 25 Fund scheme objective- The scheme aims to derive capital appreciation in the long run by investing in a bunch of stocks upto 25(Maximum)stocks. The fund manager has the flexibility to select stocks across all market caps.

Axis Focused 25 Fund Details

  • Launch Date- 1st January,2013(Direct Plan),2012 June 29th(Regular Plan)
  • Benchmark- Nifty 50 Total Return Index
  • Assets under Management-20,334 crores(as of now)
  • Returns since launch-19.37%(Direct Plan),18.89%(Regular Plan)
  • Expense Ratio-0.60%(Direct Plan),1.86%(Regular Plan)
  • Turnover Ratio-139%
  • Fund Manager- Jinesh Gopani(Since 2016, June 7th)

Investment Details

  • Minimum Investment-5000 rupees(Lumpsum)
  • Minimum sip installment-500 rupees
  • Minimum Additional Investment-100 rupees
  • Lock-in period- Not Applicable
  • Exit Load- If redeemed in excess of 10% of units from the date of units allotment, 1% Exit Load would be charged.

Scheme Performance over the benchmark returns

Year To Date1 Day1 Week1 Month3 Month6 Month1 Year3 Year5 Year7 Year
Nifty 50

Axis Focused 25-Direct Plan Performance
Axis Focused 25-Regular Plan Performance34.56-0.482.645.4319.3833.4866.0525.5019.9918.84
as on October 18th,2021

From the above performance chart, we conclude that Axis Focused 25 fund outpperforms its benchmark in the long-run. It’s short-term performance is little bit disappointing, it underperforms its benchmark slightly lower over 1 month, 1 week, Year-to-date charts.

If you wish to invest in this scheme, you can proceed keeping its long-term performance in mind. While its short term performance is disappointing, we can ignore them as short term volatility covers in the long-run.

consult your personal financial advisor to take a decision on investing in this scheme or not!

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