Bank Of India(BOI) Slashed Home Loan and Vehicle Loan Interest Rates

Good News For Home Loan aspirants! Here’s a great deal from Bank of India(BOI)!

As RBI kepts Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate stable over the past few years, banks are slashing interest rates which is a good sign to the economy!

As Banks are competiting to reduce interest rates, Recently Bank of India slashed 0.35% interest rates on existing home loan interest rates and 0.50% reduction on existing vehicle loans interest rate.

With the above announcement, The interest rates offered for Home Loan interest rates has been slashed to 6.50% and Vehicle Loan interest rates to 6.85% which would be applicable till the end of the calender year(December 31st,2021).

So if you want to avail loan, consider Bank of India(BOI) loan structure and make use of best deals till the end of the offer period(December 31st,2021)

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