Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates

In India Fixed Deposits(FD’s)are popular saving instrument. Guaranteed returns and easy encashment at any point of time makes bank customers stick to fixed deposits even now!

Even though fixed deposits interest rates are declining in the recent times, some customers still prefers FD’s due to its safety nature. For those who are preferring FD’s, here’s a list of latest FD Rates of union bank of india.

Union Bank of India Latest FD Rates

PeriodInterest Rate(Percentage Per annum)
7-14 Days3%
15-30 Days3%
31-45 Days3%
46-90 Days3.50%
91-120 Days3.75%
121Days -6 Months4.30%
Greater Than 6 Months But Less Than 1 Year(>6 Months to <1 Year)4.40%
Exact 1 Year5%
(Greater Than)>1 Year To 2 Years5.10%
Greater Than 2 Years to Less Than 3 Years5.30%
Greater Than 3 Years To 5 Years5.40%
Greater Than 5 Years To Less Than 10 Years5.50%

The above interest rates are applicable from September 1st,2021 and are subject to change at any point of time.

Consult your bank branch to know the updated interest rates from time to time. Do remember your FD would fetch interest rate as on the applicable interest rate of the deposit date! Do consider this!

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