SBI Customers Need To Enter OTP For Cash Withdrawals

To protect their customers from frauds and cards misuse, India’s largest bank SBI has made it mandatory to enter OTP for cashwithdrawals above 10,000 Rupees!

For this, you have to carry your registered mobile number while doing ATM withdrawals above 10,000 Rupees. This is a safety measure to protect you from misrepresentation of card payments.

Without OTP, You can’t withdraw cash, so you need to carry your registered mobile number. Though it is a cumbersome process to carry mobile phones every time, it is for your safety only! So don’t neglect this!

Please note that if you use your ATM card 2,3 times for c ash withdrawing above 10,000 Rupees, you have to enter fresh OTP’s every time! Do remember this

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