Warren Buffet Won’t Be Like That! Then Why We Should Be?

Warren Buffet is well-known name in investment world! His principles and preachings are followed by many upcoming investors even today!

We all know that warren buffet is one of the wealthiest persons in the world, but when you closely observe him- He leads simple life-

  • lives in old building since decades
  • He never appoints a driver; instead he drives his car on his own
  • He is using same old watch for decades

This are all samples of warren buffet’s simplicity. According to him-

“If we purchase items which were not needed now; sooner you need to sell the items which you needed”

This is the simplicity nature of warren buffet. If he wants to buy, he can afford to buy what he wants; but he won’t do that! Instead of wasting money, he invests and becoming more wealthier

Comparing Warren Buffet’s investment Principle to a common man– Warren Buffet believe in -“Spend what is left after saving” Rather Than “Spend First and save the remaining”. This is a golden rule to be followed.

But here the question is how many investors are following this? When a millionaire warren buffet leads a simpler life, then why can’t we?

In Theory, Many investors likes his quotations; but in reality even 10% investors are not following them!

Warren Buffet created wealth due to his philosophies and financial discipline. But how many of the investors following them?

Inspire from his financial habits, Develop investing mindset and lead a simpler life. Then see why can’t you be wealthy?

Being Wealthy means not living luxury, but be ready to face any financial crises; if any arises! But today the word “wealth” meaning has changed to “Show-off” your assets physically; This is not real wealth means! Your investments would prove that you are wealthy, but not show-off your assets pretending to be rich!

If you would follow this, you would be another Warren Buffet! Why can’t You? Think once!

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