If You Have Patience To Hold Your Investments For Long Term, No One Could Stop You From Being Rich

In todays fast changing world, every thing is being done instantly! Instant Job Change, Instant Success, Instant Decisions, Instant Financial Plans; All are instant!

But do you agree that a plant would grow in months after seed sowing and reap the fruits instantly! Your child grows to 6 inches when he was 6 Years! You may say- “Not Possible”! But how could you expect instant wealth creation?

To create wealth, one must stay patient, invests regularly and hold for the long term; then only you can create wealth.

But some people invests with greed and seeing no appreciation in the short term, they withdraws their money and invests the money in another asset class! This is nothing but shuffling of your capital appreciation by loosing power of compounding!

Can you expect 1st class student to design an architecture? No! He needs to develop his skills slowly, learn new things and after due experience, he can do that! That too at 23-25 years of his age!

You loves your child, No doubt about that! Even your lovely child needs to prove his talent 20-22 years from now, how could be on investments?

The foremost thing you must remind before investing is- “You must give time to your investments”.If you are patient and treat your investments as your child, you would definitely seek compounding benefits

Though the world is changing fastly, not all things are possible instantly! You have to wait for long term- Give “Time’ to your investments and see the results, you may be surprised with the corpus you would have earned.

As your child learns alhabets and numbers in his Kinder Garden classes and slowly increases his knowledge as years pass by, it takes around 23-25 years to settle in his career! Isn’t it? Even you are waiting for such long period to see the output, then why shouldn’t be with your investments? Treat your investments as your child, invests regularly with a goal in mind and enjoy the fruits of your investments in the long-term!

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