Importance of Money and Its Impact On Human Relations

Money is an inevitable resource to lead life. Nothing would be possible without money! Even Human Relations are linked to money!

According to Socialist, Philospher, Writer Karl Marx- “All Human Relations are Economic Realtions“. This statement explains the importance of money in day-to-day life.

Some people don’t give importance to money and indeed they believe money would destroy human relations! But in reality, if you don’t love money and work hard for it, even your children won’t respect you in your old age; Though it is sorrow to hear; it is fact!

Money is a resource to live happily; If we utilise it for good things, you would end up as a winner; if you utilise it for bad things; you would be punished. It is in the perception of yours on Money.

Some says-“Money would create inequalities and destroys human relations” Though it may be true, it is in the perception of you on money to utilise; if you utilise it with good relations, your deals would be succeed otherwise you would face quarrels while dealing in financial dealings

If you closely observe senior citizens around you, you would find lots of instances that their children’s attitude towards them- If you are financially independent, your children would respect you while if you are dependent on your children; you would face harassments on money matters in your old age

Though it is hard to hear, it is fact that thousands of senior citizens are joining in old age homes due to lack of money. If you have money and financially independent, your children would take care on your health and wealth. That is the power of “Wealth” (Money)

If you understand the value of money, respect it , work hard to earn for it and be financially free during your golden years. Do remember Karl Marx statement- “All Human Relations are Economic Relations”. If you work hard to earn money, you would lead a secure and happy life with your family members, otherwise your relations would worsen! keep This in mind

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