Now Postal Services Can Be Availed Through IVR(Interactive Voice Response)System

Postal savings are one of the popular and oldest way of savings in India. Through postal savings many investors are saving small, small amounts even today.

Though Postal Savings are one of the oldest method, still it has its relevance. As technology upgrades, method of savings also changes!

Today Postal customers can make use of debit card, mobile banking and internet banking as a part of technology upgrades!

Do you know that you can avail postal services through IVRS-

  • To avail this service, Postal customers must link their mobile number with their postal savings a/c
  • After linking they have to call 18002666868 number(Toll Free)
  • The system will connect to your call and prompts to select your preferred language
  • All regional languages are included in the IVRS, Just you have to select your preferred language and follow the instructions
  • Through IVRS, You can enquire status of the registered post, speed post details, Postal Life Insurance Premium Details, Assured Amount,Policy Maturity Status, Postal small savings schemes details, balance enquiry etc

So if are unable to visit post offices frequently, here’s the solution- You can check your balances through IVRS and reduce the burden of visiting postal branch again and again.

You can select your preferred language(including regional languages) and avail instant services!

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