Sooner Your Share Settlements Would Settle in T+1 Days in a Procured Manner

Are you a Trader? Are you waiting for long time(T+2 Days)to settle your trades?No More Hassles! Here’s a Good News From SEBI on Trade Settlements which would be impacted from February 25th,2022 . To know more, Read the full story!

If you purchase shares on any particular market hours, it would settle in T+2 days till now. But as per latest amendment, you need not wait for T+2 days(Trade+2 Business Days)

As per SEBI, your trade settlements would be settled in T+1 Days based on the market capitalisation of top to bottom.

Among the list, Bottom 100 companies shares would be settle in T+1 Days with effect from February 25th, Later on from march, this T+1 Settlement would be implemented every Friday for the bottom 500 companies.

If Friday is non-business day for stock exchanges, then your trades will be settled on the next business day.

Though there is an allegation from stock brokers, SEBI Chairman Ajay Tyagi affirms this trade settlement policy and going to implement from February.

So from February, your trades would be settled in T+1 Days based on market capitalisation from bottom to top. Be ready for this!

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