Before Investing, Analyse Your Investment Behaviour

In India, so many investors invests without a goal! They simply follow successful investors strategies, if it worked out, they invests more; if they fails, they blame that investment product! Both are common in this investing world.

But before investing in any investment product, you should analyse your investment behavior. We recommend to check these 10 Questions before investing. They are-

  • For What i am investing for?
  • How long do i hold my investments?
  • What is my risk appetite?
  • What’s my view on the market corrections? Am i treating it as an opportunity to buy or getting panic on fear of loosing capital?
  • can i bear loss?
  • What’s my behavior if my investment went in losses?
  • Do i invest more in bear market or redeem in hurry seeing notional loss?
  • Will i alter my portfolio frequently seeing temporary volatility?
  • Am i an investor booking profits anticipation of market fall?
  • Am i booking losses in minor correction?

So before investing, ask these 10 Questions to analyse your risk profile!

Though these are very common Questions, asking yourself these self-assessment questions would give you an overview of your investment behavior! Try it once!

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