SBI Warns Their Customers Not To Fall Prey To Phishers

Today it is very common to search on Google for information. Up to that, it’s OK, but people are searching for customer care numbers, Toll-Free Numbers on search engines.

Though search engines provides relevant information, there is a possibility that Phishers and scammers tries to misguide you by providing false information.

Phishers tries to misgude you by making you contact them through fake websites and steal your personal and financial information. It’s a part of cyber threats. So Be alert!

SBI Warns their customers “Not to search for Customer Care Numbers on third-party sites; Instead search only on the official website of SBI for your well-being”. This reduces the probability of stealing your financial information.

SBI alerts their customers not to share their Passwords, Card Details, CVV, Expiry Date and OTP to anyone. If anyone pretends for such information, treat it as “Phishing” and complain to local police authorities or cyber cell.

Though it is a primary information, small negligence will make you suffer financially. So be alert

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