What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market

Stock Market is a tactical game. If you select good share/stock in a bear market(downfall)you would end up huge profits in the bull market(upwards in share prices).

But human psychology is filled with “emotions of Greed and Fear”. According to human psychology, investors invests more if the market is in bull run, at the same time they tend to sell with “Fear” in the bear market.

This is the common behavior of investors which makes hardly 10-15% of investors remain wealthy in the stock market. All investors knows that markets have ups and downs. This is the natural tendency of the market. But investors tend to sell their holdings hurrily in bear market in anticipation of the market fall further.

Investors should review their decisions once before selling in the bear market because one should remind that “Most of the successful investors gained their wealth by investing in the bear phase”. You can check on any relevant sources that “maximum wealth creation is being done when invests more in the bear market”

What you have to do is- “Spare some time on your holdings and review whether they are worthwhile to hold further”. If you think that your portfolio is good; go ahead! Invests more in the bear market to maximise your wealth.

If you think that your portfolio needs tweaking, think twice why your portfolio needs to be reshuffled? If you still thinks that your portfolio needs to be tweaked, then only you should sell your holdings.

But don’t take hasty decisions! Be remember your behavior creates wealth in the stock market. Your Portfolio would generate wealth in the bull market up on your decisions in the bear market as stock markets are cyclical; they are not always in bear phase, not always in bull phase!

It is Quite common in the stock market that bear phase is followed by bull market and bull market is followed by bear phase! What you have to do is identifying the right stocks in the bear market and hold-on to bull market. Then only, you can create wealth to you and your family.

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