Are You Investing in Crypto Currencies? Hold On! Central Government is Going To Ban Crypto Currencies Sooner

The much hype created investment instrument currently is nothing but”Crypto Currency”. As this investment vehicle has no technical and fundamental analysis, this instrument has no leaps and bounds. It has delivered more than 300-500% returns of which no other investment vehicle gives such returns.

Analysts warns investors to be cautious while investing in cryptos as Crypto Currencies have no regulation. But investors ignore the caution and invests bulk money in anticipation of huge profits. All their dreams would get vanished, do you know the reason why? Read the rest story

Central Government action on Crypto Currencies- Our Prime Minister Narender Modi worried on the implications of cryptocurrency investing as it would effect the economy as it was unregulated. If it was monitored by bad forces in the economy, it would reflect the whole economy. Especially youth would be effected by the evil forces if this cryptocurrency continues in existence.

So Central Government is going to ban “Private Currencies” in the upcoming winter parliament session.

In the winter parliament session going to held from 29th November to December 23rd, 26 bills are going to be endorsed of which “CryptoCurrency, Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill” is going to be approved; as per the trusted sources.

If this would be happen all private currencies would be abolished and the official government-approved digital currencies would come into existence.

So if you are investing in cryptocurrencies, Hold on! If the bill was passed in the winter parliament session, all your investments would be collapsed! So beware!

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