SEBI Chairman Warns New-age Investors To Be Cautious While Investing in The Stock Market

It is fact that new-age investors(Fresh investors)entering the stock market since the pandemic Covid-19. The rise in number of Trading and demat a/c’s shows that new-age investors are keen to invest in the stock market with much enthusiasm.

Regarding this huge inflows into the markets, Capital Market Regulator SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India)chairman Ajay Tyagi recalls-

“Though it is a welcome-note that the new-age investors entering the capital markets, Investors must be cautious in selecting the stocks ignoring the noise reflecting in the media circles. It is better to do proper research while identifying the stock and not fall prey to the false promises given by the financial institutions. It is the duty of the investor to be aware of the risks associated with the markets”

The above words are spoken by Ajay Tyagi in “World Investors Week 2021″(WIW) which are celebrating from November 22-28th.

So investors be aware of the risks associated with the capital markets. Don’t fall prey to advertisements promising guaranteed returns. Do rememember “Stock Market returns are not guaranteed”

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