ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates

Indians prefers to do Fixed Deposits(FD)as they are the safest and the most liquid instrument(can be encashed at any time). Though banks levy penalty for premature cancellations, still Indians considers FD’s as an safer investment vehicle.

Eventhough FD Interest Rates are declining in the recent times, there are people who tend to do FD’s even in this declining rates.

For those who are keen to do FD’s we are providing latest FD rates of ICICI Bank at a glance. Have a look at them-

Deposit PeriodApplicable Interest Rate
7 Days to 14 Days2.50%
15 Days to 29 Days2.50%
30 Days to 45 Days3.00%
46 Days to 90 Days3.00%
91 Days to 120 Days3.50%
121 Days to 184 Days3.50%
185 Days to Less Than 1 Year4.40%
1 Year to less than 18 Months4.90%
18 Months to 2 Years5.00%
2 Years 1 Day to 3 Years5.15%
3 Years 1 Day to 5 Years5.35%
5 Years 1 Day to 10 Years5.50%
Tax Saving FD Upto 5 Years5.35%

Please note that senior citizens(above 60 years)will be given “Additional 0.50% Extra” on the normal interest rates mentioned above

If you don’t want to visit bank branch and wait in long Queues to do FD’s, you can check-out “Online FD’s” which can be done easily through internet banking or through mobile app.

If you want to do so, try it at once!

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