SBI Focused Equity Fund Review

SBI Focused Equity Fund is one of the top-most focused fund with long track record. It is a consistent performer witnessing bear and bull phases in its investment journey.

Investors who stayed in this fund would earn huge profits. This fund rewards investors who stayed invested in bear phases and continues to hold till the bull run Let’s diiscuss about “SBI Focused Equity Fund” in detail-

SBI Focused Equity Fund Details

  • Fund Launch Date-2004, October 4(Regular Plan),January 1st,2013(Direct Plan)
  • Benchmark- S&P BSE 500 Total Returns Index
  • Fund Returns(Since Launch)-20.75%(Regular Plan),18.22%(Direct Plan)
  • Expense Ratio-1.93%(Regular Plan),0.69%(Direct Plan)
  • Assets Under Management-21,667 Crores
  • Turnover Ratio-49%
  • Fund Manager- R.Srinivasan (Since 2009, May 18th)

SBI Focused Equity Fund Investment Details

  • Minimum Lumpsum Investment-5000 Rupees
  • Minimum Additional Investment-1000 Rupees
  • Minimum SIP Installment-500 Rupees
  • Exit Load- 1% would be charged if redeemed with in 365 days from the date of allotment of units

SBI Focused Equity Fund Performance over Benchmark

ParametersYear To Date1 Day1 Week1 Month3 Month6 Month1 Year3 Year5 Year7 Year10 Year
S&P BSE 500(Scheme Benchmark)29.06-2.96-3.93-5.184.3013.5439.4319.5317.6613.0216.07
SBI Focused Equity-Regular Plan Performance43.90-1.67-1.522.4813.5227.3152.5125.8820.8016.7519.81
SBI Focused Equity-Direct Plan Performance
as on November27th,2021

From the above chart, we can conclude that “SBI Focused Equity Fund” Outperforms its benchmark in all market comditions. Hence it it is a good bet to invest.

Disclaimer-The above performance is of trailing returns and it is only for informative purpose. The above returns are past returns and as per SEBI and AMFI guidelines- “Past Performance may or may not sustain in future”. So consult a good financial advisor to enquire about this fund would be suitable to you or not!

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